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The Dow Publications is a portal for manufacturers and distributors from every industry. Find detailed information on companies and suppliers nation wide or locally.

"In business, one of the challenges is making sure that your product is the easiest to experience and complete a sale." (Mark Cuban)

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Business to Business Finder Help

There are three steps to searching:

  1. What :   type in what kind of business you're looking for, e.g. 'automotive', 'injection'.
  2. Where :   type in where you want to look, using a state or the default "total listings".
  3. Search :   click on the 'FIND' button to display your results.

Dow Publications Advanced Search Help

Advanced Search offers eight options:

Company Name
A partial entry in the Company Name field will FIND multiple listings with those characters, e.g. 'jon' will FIND 'Jones', 'Black-Jones', 'Dejong'.

An entry in the Keywords field will FIND all businesses with those characters, e.g. 'auto' will FIND 'automotive', 'automobile', 'automated'.

Street Address
An entry in the Street Address field will FIND all businesses with that address, e.g. 'Main' will FIND all listings with 'Main' in their address.

An enty in the City field will FIND all businesses in that City.

An entry in the State field will FIND all businesses in that State.

Zip Code
An entry in the Zip Code field will FIND all businesses using that Zip Code.

Country selections are U.S.A., Canada, and International.

SIC Code
If you know the Standard Industial Classification Code, your search will display only those specific businesses. You can find all buisness SIC Codes at this link ... Standard Industrial Classification

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